The Completto

The Completto is a beautiful modern album layout with crisp edge-to-edge white (or black if you prefer) contemporary overlays with digital sides or spread running through the design to show those iconic key images from the day. The combined elegance of a digital book and a contemporary matted album, brought totally up to date. This exclusive album can be designed by you, or left to Sarlo to design at a fixed, low price per page.

There is  even choice on the overlay style to have as pure white, or a white V-groove with a black core showing.  Black overlays, and black with white V-groove are also available, but the white looks so good !

Maybe even include a GSK sheet which is new for this year.


As with all Sarlo albums, you have the choice of any cover, using any of the materials, and will end up with a bespoke perfect finish.

As an extra bespoke, at no extra charge, why not have a v-groove cut out with the bride and groom’s names (see below), or a GSK sheet as above – pure class.

With sample albums available (using your images) and a unique design at discounted prices you can afford to show prospective clients something rather special. Other sample packs with parent albums are available– just upload images or a finished design via our image uploader and we will quote you and get everything under way, with spare cover samples and board swatches in your welcome pack.


Design, Print & Bind

You can let Tony Sarlo design your Completto album , as every album really is unique.  Just send your images to us and your new album will be designed for you from start to finish, (with your input along the way of course). You will receive a PDF file for your approval, and to make any adjustments you or your client, would like.

You will have access to your English-speaking Personal Designer, as well as a UK contact, both of whom have many years of experience in all aspects of album design and presentation.

NO EXTRA CHARGES along the way,  so when you start the album project, you will know the final price of the album before you start !!

Choose from almost any cover style, with or without images, to complete a perfect presentation. Either way, you are assured of a perfect result with Tony Sarlo Albums with perfectly printed and bound albums, which lie flat, and will stand the test of time.

completto from tony sarlo

Print & Bind (our software)

Simply design your own album and send us the zip design on the image uploader or simply post a disk to us in the UK

You can use our FREE SOFTWARE and we will help you along the way to set up, and use the software to its best potential for your Completto, to get a perfect result for your customer.

Let us know also about the cover, size and if you require a case and so on … and everything will happen for you. Turnaround is 4 weeks, but we aim to get everything done as fast as possible. Perfection doesn’t happen overnight, and we know everything has to be “just so” ….

Should you require a bespoke overlay for your album, this can also be done if needed. We want everyone to be happy !

tony sarlo completto

 A few more images showing those important details….